DayDreams, 2017

Augmented Reality Art Installation

The Gallery in the Gardens at Montefiore Medical Center, Moses Campus, Bronx

Experience cutting-edge technology that blurs the line between art and science in DAYDREAMS, an augmented reality installation July 7, October 30, 2017  by multi-media artist Shuli Sadé, uses photography and augmented reality (layering of virtual information atop the physical environment) to change the way we see and interact with the real world. Using a mix of manipulated and layered nature photographs of the Hudson Valley with overlays of poetry by Bronx resident Edgar Allen Poe, Sadé has created spherical shapes that users view as 3D objects floating in space.  Download the augmented reality (AR) app MembitTM (  and immediately enjoy the world of DAYDREAMS.   

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