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Shuli Sadé's cross-disciplinary artwork blends theory and practice with a focus on memory, space, and urbanism. Her work creates maps of urban memory, reflecting the DNA of a city.  She mixes mediums including photography, videography, augmented reality, site-specific installations, sculpture, and drawing. Her recent exhibitions include Upstream Downstream, a site-specific augmented reality installation, Riverside Park, NYC, part of Re: Growth, public art exhibition (2021), Fluid Formations, Gensler DC, (2019), Wild_Heterotopias, AR installation at the HighLineNine Galleries, and the High Line, (2019), Solid Red, Galleria Ethra, Mexico City, (2018) Day Dreams, AR installation at Montefiore Medical Center, the Bronx, NY (2017) and group shows including Timing is Everything, Mead Art Museum collection (2018), Making Time, AR installation Index Art Center, Newark, NJ (2019), Anniversario, Datasets, Galeria Ethra, Mexico City (2019) Israeli Modernism in the 1970s from the Collection, Haifa Museum of Art (2016). She had collaborated with Neural scientists at the Neurobiology of Cognition Laboratory, Center for Neural Science, New York University, and with architects and designers across the US. Sadé creates large-scale site-specific murals in the Corporate environment. Her recent artworks are permanently installed in  Manhattan, Philadelphia, Boston,  North Carolina., Miami, Mexico City, Jersey City, and more.
Sadé received the Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant, (2014), the National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship (1991), New York Foundation for the Arts Emergency Grant (2001), Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Fund, NY- Israel Cultural Cooperation Commission Grant, AICF study grant, NY Art Development Committee grants. Her work is in private and public collections. She lives in NYC and works at her studio at Mana Contemporary, NJ. Her work is represented by Galleria Ethra in Mexico City.
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