Tar Work, 1989-2004

Shuli Sadé developed a unique technique of mixing Gelatin Fiber base Silver prints with Tar and Asphaltum. Applied to her photographs of Industrial landscapes, factory architecture, bridges, refineries, steel and grain mills. She printed her own black and white photographs in a variety of scales up to 50 x 90. She re-exposed the image to light by reworking the surface of the image with the sepia toned tar and Asphaltum. Hundreds of her photographs are a documentation of an ending Industrial era, and of Analog photography 


The archive can be viewed by appointments @ Sadé Studio

Elevation, NJ,1998
Little Hell Gate,Randall's Island 98
Opening, Burnside, Portland1996
Sacred, Singer,1993
Little Hell Gate,1997
Grain Elevators, Buffalo,1999
Bridge Temple, Newark,1995
Collapsed Shelter, Oregon,1996
Awakening, LIC,1999
Inside Singer, Elizabeth, NJ,1993
Reflections,Singer, Elizabeth,1993
Steel Bridge, Portland,1996