Augmented Reality

The High Line Galleries, The High Line  &  Hudson Yards Plaza, in collaboration with aery.ar, 2019


Dreamlike images Wild and Hudson reflect thriving garden and newly built architecture around the HighLine. These augmented orbits transform our experience of seasonal wild plants recently photographed by Shuli Sadé at the High Line gardens (designed by Piet Oudolf), introducing nature to the galleries bellow the High Line. They create a mirroring world, a journey between imagination and reality on separated levels. ..." in a single real place, Heterotopias are capable of juxtaposing several spaces, several sites that are in themselves incompatible, most often linked to slices in time (“Des Espace Autres,” Michel Foucault, 1967). A portal to parallel worlds expands the size of reality, comprise the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, and the physical laws and constants that describe them.

Wild_Heterotopias, Augmented Reality Installation, Hudson Yard Plaza, 2019