Solid Red 

120” X 216” photo-based floor installation using data retrievals of architectural photographs aiming to examine the relationships between two resembling Architectural structures, a delicate relationship between two shades of red driven from the American and the Mexican flags, and the relationship between the two nations.

Photographs taken by Sadé of Torre Latina Americana in Mexico City and the Empire State Building in New York City are digitally processed to make an interwoven fabric of the two towers. The piece is made of 180 digitally printed Ceramic tiles originally manufactured in Mexico, shipped to the US to be printed, and returned to Mexico City for installation at Ethra Gallery. The tiles passed the border control twice


The artist involves both nations in the fabrication of the piece as part of her comment on the potentials relationships between the two states in the present political atmosphere. Each 12 x12” tile represents a magnified pixelated particle taken of the entire blown-up photographs. Each of the pixels is enlarged to a degree that the viewer can see the individual pixels that form the image. The hybrid- image magnifies pixels to blend two different visual representations into a single view to create an enhanced new landscape of an inseparable structure made of the two symbolic towers.