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Pulse, 2023

68' x  9'

Manipulated Data, Archival Inks printed on Vibrachrome

Pulse is a captivating art installation that seamlessly blends scientific research, molecular diagrams, and the colors of nature during seasonal transitions. The artwork strives to achieve a balance between motion and tranquility, artfully manifested in diagrams that reflect the velocity of heartbeats. These diagrams, which represent the number of heartbeats per minute, are woven into six different artworks that offer unique experiences based on the rhythm of the viewer's walk.

ShuliSadé_Pulse#6 copy.jpg
The AR experiments are accompanied by recordings of scientific discoveries made by BIMDC researchers, who specialize in Cardiology, Neurology, Immunotherapy, Pathology, and the Institute for RNA Medicine. The entire SkyBridge is a canvas for the AR installation, making it visible from every angle. 
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